annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Vacuuming With a Curse...

    It's kind of hazy at the begining but i beleive i was working in an empty appartment. i was vacuuming in the living room at night alone, just me and my vacuum. Suddenly i had a weird feeling, i think i was confronted by someone or some sort of being and was threatening me. These appartments only have one or two rooms in them but when i tried to run the appartment was a labrynth of rooms and each of them looked the same.
    The being that approached me told me a curse had been put on me and it would be effecting me soon. i ran and ran through rooms with my vacuum cleaner still on, this power cord never ended. i finally got to the door i needed to get out. i opened it, finally releived, and found that it was not the end of the labrynth. i sensed there was someone in the next room somewhere though. Each room was a bare room with white walls and brown carpeting, they all looked the same, there were only three different shapes the rooms had. One of the rooms was in an 'L' shape another was just a large rectangle and the other was a hallway.
&nbps;   i walked in the room and my vacuum cleaner gave me the sense that something was wrong, my grandpa's spirit was in the vacuum. i took the power cord and swung it behind me and then swung the vacuum cleaner in the air behind me hitting a man who was sneaking up on me. i took him out. i vacuumed my way quickly to the next door in this 'L' shaped room. This room was different, it wasn't completely carpet. In the center of the bottom of the 'L' shape was a patch of lenolium about 5x5 feet. i stopped to rest because Rachel was here now. She petted my vacuum cleaner and asked how we were doing. i remembered that my grandpa's soul was inside the vacuum cleaner. After talking to Rachel she let me know that she knew the way out and could lead me out. i told her to go because i had to save myself from a curse. She hugged me and i told her i loved her and she ran off through a wall and disapeared.
    Now my vacuum cleaner, my grandpa, was going wild, reving up and moving back and forth and flashing his lights. i asked him if someone was coming and he flashed both headlights once and then the right headlight once alone. i asked what that meant, i told him to flash once for yes and two for no. He flashed twice very fast and i couldn't tell what he was telling me. i kept repeating myself trying to find out if someone was coming. i walked through the next room and started floating. The curse was starting to affect me. i knew i must be close to the being doing this to me. i entered the next room and was floating even more, i was upside down, i could still move though so i went back to the other room because i couldn't handle it. i had to run through the room to get to the person doing this to me. i ran and made it through the room. i entered a huge room with a bunch of storage lockers in it. It had a low ceiling and each little storage locker was about 4x4 feet and had about a foot and a half between them all. i had to fight with my vacuum now, there were a bunch of people coming at me. Some acted like they were not going to do anything to me but then when i turned around they would attack. Luckily my grandpa's spirit was in the vacuum and helped me... woke up.
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