annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

i thought i was an alien, i really am...

    This dream actually took place the night before, not last night.

    Rachel and i were at target or some store like it. There was an arcade game against a wall, i thought i'd go play it i started out flying a UFO in some city, it reminded me of Seattle but Seattle in fifteen or twenty years. Just a bit more technological. i crashed a couple of times and got the alien sick once. After i had the game figured out i began from the begining. i watched a little alien in a blue jump suit step into the tiny UFO. The alien was about five inches tall and the UFO was about two feet tall. i began using the joystick to fly the UFO around on the screen. After a few seconds i was the alien. i was watching the UFO fly around but i was inside it. i was an alien. When i got to a building that i found interesting i landed on the roof. i decided to look in the windows of the appartments inside. i took off again and floated down the wall outside the light brown brick building.
    i came to a window with someone looking at a computer screen. They were in what looked like a home office but they weren't working, at least it didn't look like it. i saw a pigeon on the sill of the window and it started to fly off when the air was being swished around by the UFO i was in. i followed it up to the roof. Someone was sitting up there now. It was Rachel. The pigeon landed right next to her. i wondered if by landing here and leaving the UFO here whether or not it would effect the pigeons growth. i wondered if it would make it big or not. i got out of the UFO and enlarged myself as i got out. i went over and hugged Rachel and when i turned around i noticed that the pigeon had grown and was now wearing a jean jacket. It looked sad. i asked what was wrong with it and it said in a whinney voice,"You turned me into a pigeon."
    i didn't really care that i had anymore. i knew who it was, i was happy actually because now i knew she wouldn't be able to hang around us, she'd have to fly off with the other pigeons now. (Since people who might read this could know who the person is, and that i dislike her so we'll call her Vosh here. i woulnd't want her to feel hurt.. i guess) Rachel and i were now sitting on the edge of the building. Vosh walked over with the sad look on it's face and sat down beside me. She asked,"What am i going to do? i look ugly now."
Trying my best to pretend that i cared and trying my best to pretend i didn't want her to shut up and leave with her pigeon friends i told her,"No you don't you still look alright." Not really wanting to touch her but still wanting to comfort her a bit to make shut her up and make her leave i patted her on the cheeks with both hands at once and said,"It'll be okay."
    She eventually stood up and began walking away on the roof with a backpack on now. i looked over at Rachel and petted her hair behind her ear and kissed her on the cheek.
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