annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Mutiny Aboard The Spacecraft

    For a short moment, i am in a space shuttle that is taking off. i have no idea how i got here. i don't remember anything before this, i must have regained conciousness while we were taking off. Everything is shaking but it's at the point where it's calming down. When the seats are no longer shaking we unbuckle and take off our suites.
    We all start doing flips and floating around in the weightlessness. It's marvelous! Everyone is enjoying themselves. We're bumping into eachother and no one minds, even when they're struck in the head. After taking up a good amount of time doing this we realize that we have important business we must attend to. We all stop and communicate what each of our jobs are so that we all know what's going on. i say that i will tend to the computer life supports systems and once everyone has said where they'll be i go to it.
    One of the other fellas goes into the same room as i do. It's an emtpy room all except the walls, which have little buttons and lights on panels flashing everywhere. i'm using one of those panels as i'm checking things off on a clipboard. i look behind me to see what the guy is doing. He's kneeling down and pressing buttons on the floor that i hadn't noticed. A small console comes up out of the floor like a cane stabbed into the ground. He hits a few of the buttons on it and the floor beside him opens up. It looks like a grave. The floor inside slowly rises and there is a body in it. After reached the top and there was no longer a hole in the floor, just a body lying there, the fella hit some more buttons. The body opened it's eyes and sat up effortlessly without using it's arms or legs. He walked over about five feet to the right and used another console to raise a woman's body from the floor. i asked what the two bodies were. He told me that they were robots that would assist us in our missions. i finished my work and left.
    i went to the kitchen for delicious space food. When i entered the kitchen i found my fellow astronauts already dining. i asked one of them who was already eating what he was having. "Nothing" he replied without looking up. He was reading something as he ate. i disregarded him and grabbed something out of the refrigerater. i thought it was strange that there was one in a spaceship but was happy to find it. i sat down to eat and before i got a bite was interupted by the guy activating the robots. He told me i had to repaire something. i followed him and he told me i had to repair the semi-conductor (semi-something that had to do with electricity) so i hit a bunch of buttons and he thanked me. We had to get some rest now. We all went to the sleeping quarters and strapped ourselves into the beds that were situated in no order. Some were standing on the wall, some on the ceiling and some were on the floor. i took one on the wall.
    i went to sleep quickly. i was also awakened quickly by a woman.. it was the robot. She was shaking and yelling at me. Once i was awake she put her finger to her mouth and nodded. i assumed she didn't want me to speak, so that i didn't wake anyone up. This made me a little uneasy, she was just yelling and now telling me not to talk. i knew something was wrong. i followed her into another room. She informed me that inaudible the male robot had a virus. This was a big danger while we were all in close contact in the shuttle. Everyone could get sick, and since we're in space we couldn't recover easily from illness, bacteria develops and reproduces at an alarming rate in micro gravity.
    It was on the robots finger. It was turning green. i told him to put some healing cream on and he'd be fine. It was too late. The next morning the woman robot had a mutated version and the male robot had worsened. She had locked him in a room where he could do no damage. She said "The virus had effected his brain and he's gone cenile. Now he is extremely violent and is plotting to kill us all!" i was terrified. This robot had indiscribable strength. A few of us who hadn't been effected by the virus saught refuge in the upper part of the shuttle. It was the gym and recreation room so we weren't bored. There were a few memebers of the crew who had been swayed by the male robot to join him in his scheming.
    Time went by where the male robot and his followers tried to get into our little area of refuge. Eventually the power was cut out. We realized that the male robot was killing us by shutting off all the systems. Eventually our air would be gone.
    After some time trying to figure out how to save ourselves i awoke alone in the darkness. i must have passed out. i called out for someone. No one answered. i kept calling incase they were all asleep too. There was just silence. Then the lights went on. i was not in the same room anymore. i looked around to find where the light switch was, hoping i'd find a person there. Laughing a little my brother looked at me and asked,"What's with you?" i had no idea where i was or how i got there. i threw the covers off. We were on earth... i think.
    After coming to my senses i realized that this was looked EXACTLY like the room my brother and i had on the cruise we went on. i had my clothes on from the shuttle. My brother asked me where i got them and i said that i just forgot to return them. My brother opened the door to leave the room into the hallway. i got up and followed him. "Where are you going?" i asked. "i'm meeting mom and dad on deck." he said.
    i went up top with him and my mom, dad and sister were there. i went along with whatever they did. Eventually i realized that all of this had happen before. This was the three day cruise we went on.
    We were on the last day. i kept asking them if they remembered doing this before. i didn't want to tell them that i had traveled time and i wanted to know if it had effected them too. They would think i was crazy.
    We were exiting the ship. To do so you could either go down the the lower floors and get off on the ground or follow a ramp from the middle floors and go onto a the roof of a building and walk down to the concrete docks. i got off onto the roof and it was full of moss. It was a very old wood building that was not being used anymore, except to disembark. i couldn't do it. i climbed to the peak for safety. That way i wouldn't slip. i layed down and yelled for help.
    This is when a man behind me began speaking to me. He said, That was the worst point in my life." i looked back to find him standing calmly. He was probably in his thirties, he was sharing something with me. He now looked sad. He continued,"i was up here before." (right then i knew he traveled time with me!) "i fell down there and caught on that rope." It was as if i could see it with my own eyes happening. i saw him walking and then he fell. Another voice began speaking, it was a clean, low pitched voice,"The images you are about to see are graphic." My mom then yelled,"I can't look tell me when it's over." i was still seeing this man walking. Then it went to a shot of exactly what i was looking at below me, except now there was a rope hanging from the building. A man's body fell and his head got caught on the rope. It was the man who was talking to me. He had a beard and looked like he was in his seventies now. He swung back and forth with a surprised look on his face. i couldn't tell if a body was attached. It didn't look like it. People below were trying to figure out a way to cut him down but it was too high up. i turned my head. i was now in my parents living room. My mom was covering her eyes.
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