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Bruised The Bird Head...

    Twenty-five people around me observing the rock gardens and all the different crossing paths within it. There are really no plants besides the trees that cover the view of the sky and some tall grass here and there in small groups. All of the groups of grass are about four feet in diameter and are surrounded by rocks, the way a fire pit is organized. There are some spots here and there where the tall grass must have died off. No, the gardner took out the grass. The gardner must be planning on planting another group of plants in all of the spots where only soil was left behind. Inside each of these spots there was at least one or two larger rocks about the size of my head. They were a grey color with a hint of brown to them and a rather strange bumpy texture to them, almost that of an aligator's but larger scales.
    My family and i wandered about taking in the view of this amazing place. The trails mostly lead paralel along with the river which was slightly down hill, not too steap. There were more hills up the trail. Not paying my path much attention i found myself about to step into one of the spots where grass had once been. It was a little starteling being the mud looked very loose as though there was once a pool of water in it. Fearing for my shoes and socks i regained my original path using the strange rock just barely peaking out of the mud. At the same moment i layed my foot on the rock there was a little squeak and a crunching sound all at once. i looked back and saw that i had cracked the rock. It wasn't a rock though. It was some sort of egg. Unsure if anyone had seen me i looked in my perepheral vision and noticed that no one was looking my way. i began walking again, a little faster now, and just then someone alerted her friends and others nearby them,"Oh my goodness, everyone look at the egg! It's hatching! This is a rare occasion."
    i turned around and shouted in excitement hoping they'd think i was surprised as well,"How exciting! i've always wanted to see this!" i called over Rachel who was nearby and whispered to her that we'd have to make a run for it. She didn't understand that i'd done something wrong. "Look honey, one of them are hatching!" she would say in reply to any of my please for help. She said it with an excited smile that she gets when she's excited like a little girl seeing something for the first time. i couldn't help but feel ashamed and sad that i'd ruined her day by what she'd soon be seeing.
    The woman who'd noticed the egg first and called over her rather large friends, noticed something was wrong,"Wait a second.. This isn't right. It's strugling way too much." she announced with an angry look. "Who did this?" she asked with a, now, furious face. i quickly realized this was not a rock garden but instead the nesting grounds of some large rare bird. What kind? i couldn't tell, the bird was not free yet.
    The egg began to rise from the soil and crack open along the cracks i'd left with my fot. The baby bird was gooey like the dying birds you see in oil-spill videos. It was also covered in blood.
    After the bird had struggled to free itself the best it probably would the woman, enraged, picked up the bird by the neck and held it over her head. Demanding, on the top of her lungs, that the "person who'd done it step forward and admit their wrong-doing." i was terrified. She'd now united everyone against whoever they could figure out had done the deed. i couldn't help but feel my face in a contorted expression of fear and sadness all at once. What would i do?
    As she held the bird over her head still i could see that it resembled a full grown chicken. It was! i figured they were probably a very expensive animal. Farmers would pay a lot of money for them. But they seemed to be an endangered species. Most likely the reason for the garden... or whatever we were in. "Please don't kill me" i thought,"please don't hurt my wife, she didn't do anything. Please don't let your giant friends hurt me. What am i going to do now?"
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