annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

The Hairy Spectre Servant and Invisible Swordsman

    At a dinner party in the 1800's or early 1900's at a small beach house on some ocean. The sand reaches the patio and the waves are huge, nearly coming to the window. The waves were going about fourty yards further then their regular breaking point. There are eight others and i'm served last by a short hairy spectre creature. After being served the the host of the party thanks him.
    i tell the host of the party that i am glad to have been able to make food for him and his guests and make my way back to the kitchen. As am half way down the hall, almost through the swinging door i see some person who's upper half is nearly invisible and covered in hair like the hair on my head. But the hair was on his entire body. All that is completely visible is about as tall as i am. He tells me to extend myself out the window and onto the sand near the patio window so that i can watch what is going on. After i extend part of my body out to the patio, enough to see through window he then tells me to connect torso to him so that he could walk out with me to the dinner table and go unnoticed.
    The spectre-like creature who was forcing me to do these things, attached to my lower half, now walked through the swinging door and served the desert. My boss the host thanked me, or the intruder and I. The intruder took a few steps back, having full control of my legs to listen and watch the conversation going on. Everything went as normal until one of the guests, Mr. Jarg, asked my boss the host what the snakelike trail was that led from me and down the hallway through the swinging door. The intruder was able to speak with my voice since he was connected to me. He told them that there something on the oven still, that he didn't want to leave unattended. My boss asked me, or us, to leave and then went back to conversing. The intruder did not leave so my boss asked again for me to leave and waited in silence for me to do so. After doing nothing, my boss asked again, angrily, for me to leave. The intruder drew a sword. He disconnected from me, became mostly visible and leaped over the dinner table, through the patio window glass.
    All of the guests were startled by this sudden uproar of shattering glass and sudden movement. i sat up from the table with the host of the party and looked at the small hairy spectre creature to be sure he was no longer a threat. After quickly deciding he wasn't the host and i went after the intruder armed with swords but were unable to catch him. He was so fast. When he was visible he glowed a blue green in the center, the source of the light being a gray color. We knew what he looked like so we would be able to hunt him, we went for weapons and people to help. The host and i must have been involved in some sort of organized crime group. We drove through a city which resembled San Fransisco and came to a skyscraper. We walked out of the building with two men carrying rocket launchers and large hand guns.
    After getting into a car the other men acknowledge us and went on foot to hunt this spectre. Eventually we found the creature running across the front yard of a small white house with two mature maple trees in front. As soon as he caught sight of us pursuing him he went completely invisible. All you could see of him was a floating sword moving around the yard very quickly as he reappeared now and then to lure us. i got out of the car and drew my sword to fight him. He moved around very quickly and very much in the yard. His robe like clothes were tied to him at the waist, wrists and ankles. He moved so fast they filled with air and tattered back and forth. He showed himself without the green blue light now and showed that all his skin was covered in gray paint, even his bald head. This man was David Cross.
    We went back and forth fighting for some time in the front yard of the white house before my eyes were consumed with a bright light white which made it impossible for me to see.
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