annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Jail Time Dancing...

    i'm doing time for something i remember breifly. i almost commited a crime but did not follow through with it, instead i left the group of fictional friends i was with and did my own thing.
    Right now i was in a locker room full of big guys in orange overalls. Everyone has a frown on their face and not many are talking to eachother. i open my locker and am in a surprisingly good mood for someone who's in jail for something he hasn't done but some bald black guy comes up from behind me and slams me into the lockers yelling,"Do you really want to get bulldoged?! Huh, HUH!?"
    After he backed off me i was able to turn around and then said to him,"i don't even know what that means. What's wrong with you?" with a very uneffected look on my face. He stormed off even more mad then before. i turn around and start looking through my locker, there's a mirror, some pink soap and some generic deoderant that says deoderant on it in black and white. i hear a familiar voice to my right, i'm at the complete left end of the line of lockers. The voice of someone i knew would help me out, Ray Schimick. He walked over to me accompanied by his black friend and said to my surprise,"Jason? What are you doing here? Do you want to get bulldoged? You better watch your back b!%@#!"
    i just looked at him puzzled and he turned around and walked away out of the locker room. One of the guards walked in, wearing the normal guard clothes and cap yelling for everyone to quiet down. After the noise faded to silence he spoke in a normal yet harsh voice,"The warden wants a volunteer for company." No one was volunteering themselves so i sat up and said i'd go for it.
    He waved me over and he told me to follow him. We went into a large room with wood floors and one large window behind the wardens chair, it was very much like i was entering the room to speak to a king. The chair the warden was on was elevated by two stairs which he was near the edge of. He thanked me for coming and asked if i'd like to hear some music. i was smiling and waiting in great inticipation to hear what he'd play and find out what i'd be doing with him. He talked some jarbled questions that i answered yes and no to accordingly and then put on the record which was in the corner of the enormous rectangular room. It was a Wizard of Oz song, how great! It wasn't the original version though, it was somewhat demented. It was great! i very much wanted to dance to it, i thought i should probably ask permision first though.
    "Would it be alright if i danced?" i asked hesitantly.
    "That would be grand." he replied and stood up to watch. i began dancing obnoxiously as i enjoy doing to such dance inspiring music and he smiled at me, he asked me, since he felt i was an artist doing my art,"May i join you?"
    i told him to feel free. He began dancing quite well, he must have taken balley. He was moving in large smooth circles spinning and flowing around, he danced quite well. He reached out and took my hand and shook it. We danced together like it was ballroom dancing, yet we never touched. It was more like ballroom dancing and balley perhaps. We danced forever, i was getting dizzier and dizzier and then everything faded into nothing and all i saw was black.
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