annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Ten Year Old Girl Iraqi Warfare...

    i'm watching the news in my teadybear robe in our living room with the changer in my hand and my legs lazily spread out on the coutch. The newscaster announces the newest invormation about the Iraqi army, they've got new Fourwheelers for the army. But the odd thing is that they're not built for just anyone. They've been built a little smaller then usual... this is all what the newscaster has painted out for the viewers but in much less words. After he'd explained the fourwheeler it went to a clip of hundreds of ten year old Iraqi girls riding on these new fourwheelers out in the open desert. They were very odd things, It was almost a "suped" up version of the scooter thing GOB rides on. Instead, it was a fourwheeler, gas powered and seemed to have some sort of weapon on it. It pretty much just looked like a very small fourwheeler with extended handlebars.
    When the screen showed the newscaster once again he began talking about how the new army of ten year old girls with their new machinery was causing a lot of worry for president bush and the remaining troops still in the middle east.

    It must have been time to go to work at Target now, i was suddenly there and now i was walking to the backroom to start stocking. i had my L.R.T in hand and was ready to work. i started scanning things with it and placing them where they were supposed to go. i heard some noise in the CD section and made my way there. Upon arriving i found a black (negro-american) man standing there with his Redhead (crazy person) friend laughing. i knew they'd been up to no good so i acted like i was going back to the backroom again. Instead i hid behind an isle and followed them to catch them in the act of whatever trouble they were going to cause again.
    Finally i saw them checking around to see if anyone was watching as they vandalized a display leaving a mess everywhere. i jumped out from behind the isle i was in and said they better leave or i'll beat them to death. The black guy started getting really close to me and so the redhead did the same, i grabbed the black guy by the throat and threw him down. He looked up at me from the ground and took off running. i had expected more out of him. The redhead guy was still there so i messed up his hair because he was short. i thought it'd make him mad, it did and he threw a punch at me. My fist reached his face before his reached mine... (blured and ended)
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