annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Jim's Truck Leads Me To Anarchy...

    Rachel was saying goodbye to me, probably because i was going out on the lake ahead. Jim's red truck was out on it. The ice looked pretty thin, when i took steps i could here thumping as if it were hallow below me. i grabbed a metal rod out of the back of Jim's truck and began hitting the ice to check if it would hold the truck. i wasn't hitting it very hard but i knew it would hold the truck as long as i tapped the ice and the rod did not break through. i told Rachel that i was going to move her dad's truck off the lake so it doens't break through, she was suddenly there as i spoke and then disapeared when i finished speaking. i now looked and saw Elana's car on the lake too. i tried to decide whether or not i should move it. No one got in but it started driving away. Elana must have been inside it. i started checking the ice again and realized that i was on a peninsula of ice, there was open water all around me. i jumped in Jim's truck and drove off the lake into an alley.
    i called Jim to let him know what a hero i was, i dialed and said,"Hey Jim, it's Jason. i just drove your truck off the lake, it almost fell through! Do you want me to bring it up north for you?"
    "Thank you, Jason, umm... how bout this? I'll come down there and ride up with you, okay?" he told me and hung up.
    As soon as the call ended Jim opened the passanger side door and got in. He greeted me smiling and i started driving. We drove to Bemidji, which was a city like New York now and something was wrong. The city had broken out into anarchy. We met Charley and us three went with a large group of people to a safe building, a sky scraper that was still standing. Luckily there were isles of a grocery store fully stocked outside the building. i was surprised at how very clean and orderly everything was set on the shelves. i grabbed a basket that had been thrown on the ground as everyone else except for Charley went into the sky scraper. We were grabbing things liesurly untill we heard a lot of fighting inside, everyone was fighting over who would be leader, they were killing eachother in there. Jim came running out to Charley and i and told us, as he was gasping for breath, that we have to leave, it wasn't safe here. Acting quickly charley and i started to try and grab food we needed. i tried to get food we'd need but i couldn't stop grabbing spagheti sauce and garnishes. i looked to see what charley was grabing but all he had in his basket was a box of cookies.
    We ran to the car with our baskets, threw them into the back of the truck and took off as fast as we could.

Then i was awakened very nicely. Not by an alarm but my Beautiful wife!
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