annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Andy Is Dead!

    i walked towards a wall with an electric box on it and stopped as if someone was late for a qeue. i stared at the wall for a few seconds before Rachel came into the room from the right very ergent like. She was out of breath and grasping for air as she told me,"Jason i just saw it on the news, Stacey was on and Andy was in a plastic. He was in a zip lock." She couldn't get the right words but i knew what she meant... he was killed. Stacey is a strong suspect. That's true in any case though, the spouse is always a suspect.
    We ran to the car and took off to Andy and Stacey's house. It was the house from when i saved the day care kids. There were even kids out in the concrete driveway playing together still. i ran past them up the driveway and into the house. Stacey had a sad look on her face while at the same time very worried. She greeted us desperatly as though she needed our help. She told us what had happen, that the crazy neighbors had done this. There was a white bag in the neighbors yard near the property line in Andy & Stacey's wooded back yard. The bag was near the tree line. The neighbors were out on their porch in the back looking, a few laughing. Their house was like the Burb's house and one of them looked like the quiet redhead kid. Redheads are crazy. i knew he had to have done it. He made eye contact with me slightly smiling now that he knew i was on to him.
    It was now later that night. We were all sitting in the portch which was now screened in and had nice white wood inside. The white bag was now beside me lying on the floor and the television was replaying the news i was now apart of. i looked over from the television and found that Andy was now sitting up on a wooden crate beside me. i was on the floor. This startled me due to the fact that Andy was dead. i started talking to him, more or less to myself, about the day and how i have to find out what happen. Rachel and Stacey had taken off for the night to get her into hidding. There would be crazy people after her. Friends and family would be coming to inquire about what had happen so she wanted to stay somewhere else. i thought it odd that the police had not taken Andy's body when they left the scene. i told Andy that i thought it odd. He handed me a popsicle stick that he had been done with and said,"Okay i'm done now. Where is everyone?"

That's all i can remember.
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