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    It was summer but it was heading for fall. i biked down to Shawns house because i couldn't drive. We went for a walk and then went off onto a trial. We both stopped and he asked if i wanted to go fishing. i nodded and turned around as he did. We walked back to his house and got a picnic basket to hold the fish, a net, and one fishing pole. On the way to the stream we both knew about on that trail i suddenly had a fishing pole in my hand. Now we both had a fishing pole. i looked over to him and announced,"Hey, look what i found! A fishing pole!" assuming that i had found it.
    "Great now we don't have to share." he told me with a sound in his voice like he was excited that i had a fishing pole. But i knew it was fake excitement. He was just happy that he didn't have to share. He is was a selfish person.
    We arrived at the stream and found that my other old friend Jake was there. Jake was young, maybe four or five years younger then me. That would make him about seventeen. He was fishing too. He was using rope though because the stream was raging. This stream was no longer a stream, it had grown into a powerfull river. The grass around it was being washed away because it had risen so high. Jake had foolishly tied the rope around his waste and thrown the other end with the hook on it into the river. We yelled to him to get the rope out of the water but the river was so loud that he moved closer to the water to try and hear us. We yelled again and he moved closer to the water and held his hand up to his ear. We kept yelling get away from the water now. Instead he tried to hear us more by walking to the very edge of the river. He slipped on the wet grass and slid right into the river. Luckily the rope got caught on a dead tree. Shawn and i hurried down to where he was, i jumped accross the river assuming i'd fall in and try and help him swim back to the shore. i landed on the other side of the river though, it was an eight foot jump. i used my fishing pole to real him. For some reason i didn't use the rope...

all i remember.
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