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Groucho and me fighting hemen!!! STOW!!!

    My room mate and i were walking to our appartment at night. After unlocking the door we walked in to find our appartment had been trashed by gangs. We were living in a pretty bad part of town. i saw some little mexican fella knocking over our television set, it was old but we were poor and couldn't afford to get another. That was the most disapointing part. We both looked at eachother as the little fella ran out the door beside us. There was no point in retaliating. i don't even know what we had done to deserve this, i figured Groucho had probably been involved in some bad bets maybe.
    Now i was with Groucho at an enormous house he wanted me to see with him. He was looking around for a house to purchase. We were going to be going separate ways i figured. He showed me the entryway. It looked like a living room. There was very nice dark wood trim everywhere. Carved wood! He showed me the living room. He told me,"it comes with the furniture and everything." Holding his cigar between his two fingers right next to his mouth he told me to follow him. We walked throught he kitchen and i was amazed at how nice it was. We walked through the dining room and i was absolutly blown away. Everything was very dark oak and all carved. We hadn't even walked through half of the house yet and there was a ton more to go. We haven't even set foot upstairs yet. After walking through the dining room we entered another extremely nice kitchen with silver everything and nice white counter tops. i stopped to admire it and he stopped with me taking the cigar out of his mouth. He smiled at me and said,"This is my new house, i bought it. What do you think?"
    i told him that i loved it, it was a great house as i looked at him with amazed eyes.
    He said,"No, what do you think?" as if he was asking if i'd like to move in with him.
    "You don't have to do that, i'm sure i'll find a place." i reasured him. He insisted though, and i let in quite easily. i told him i'd do it.
    Groucho and i were pretty good friends, we understood how eachothers thought processes quite well. We did a lot of things in the house without havning to question whether the other would like it. When we saw eachothers dealings in the house we were always approving. It was great, it was the best bachelor pad you could find. It was a mansion.
    One day when i woke up i heard Groucho outside yelling,"Oh now... oooohh. Oh my." i could just see him rolling his eyes as though it were nothing big. But it was something big because he only yells when something bad is going to happen. i ran outside out of the large oak doors in the front of the house. To the left i heard him and looked. There was a huge muscle man, a giant, walking over to Groucho. This couldn't be good, the bookies had caught up with him. But wait, there were tons of these giants walking toward us. They were all shirtless and pantless. All they were wearing was florecent tight underwear. That's one of the bigest reasons i didn't want these giants touching me. The house was in the middle of nowhere, no roads. Just rolling hills and some trees that formed small patches of woods. For miles you could see these giants coming. i ran inside and tried to get a knife but it wouldn't come out. Groucho ran into one of the living rooms and tried to get outside where the animals were normaly caged up. He thought he could hide back there because it wasn't accesible to from the outside... even though it was outside and an open part of the house. The only way you could reach is was going through the house. The cages consited of chicken wire and two by fours. It kept these giants out though.
    i crawled under the house to the cages and hudled down with him. We were safe until a giant got into the animals cages through the house. We ran to the chicken wire and broke it. Groucho got stuck in the wire and with cigar in mouth yelled for me to keep running. i ran and ran around the house and i was safe because i was running. The giants were stupid and they couldn't run either. As long as i was running i was safe.
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