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Protecting the children...

    .....when i came home and asked if Rachel was home yet, i was told she wasn't so i went on downstairs into my mom's part of the house we lived in. There was a restaurant in the back and people who came to the place to eat had to walk through my mom's living area. It wasn't weird in the dream though, no one thought twice about it. The restaurant was very nice. Everything was up to date techology wise and probably a little past up to date. That was because Leigh owned part of the house too.
    Anyway, i went downstairs and saw a guy i'd seen one time (in real life) outside by our driveway watching the daycare kids. i knew something was bad about it so i kept watching. He approached some of the kids and got close to them and chased them a little. It wasn't playful, though the children thought so. He was just seeing how close he could get to them. He started walking back to his car, i figured i'd go get the baseball bat incase he did anything bad. There was also a very large baseball that was heavy and very hard that i grabbed. There was also some rock there too. i set them on the bed and walked into the other room to see what the guy was doing now. He had just closed his car door and was walking back to the kids again. i walked into the other room and grabbed the bat and baseball.
    "Put the bat down, do you want to get a lawsuit on our hands?" my dad said from behind me. i told him that i wouldn't kill the guy i would just hurt him a lot.
    "No, just use the baseball and thing." he said.
    "Okay." i told him disapointedly.
    i grabbed the ball and rock and watched the guy to see what was going on out there. He was chasing the kids again. It looked like he was hunching over trying to hide something in his hands. i leaned over to get a better view out the window. He had some sort of black tank with a sprayer on it. He was spraying poison in the kids. All of the kids were running around in the driveway around a car while he chased them. He had no expresion on his face the whole time. i burst out the door with the baseball in my hand, it was like the size of a basketball.
    "Hey, what the f#*$ do you think you're doing?" i yelled with my eyes looking a thousand miles through his body.
    He jumped and looked at me and said started to say something but then took of running trying to catch me off guard. i through the enormous baseball at him, aiming for his head. It hit him low in his forarm with a loud cracking sound followed by a scream from him. He was running to the end of the driveway and my dad cut him off by running from the road towards him. This caused the guy to run towards me. Then i threw the other thing i had in my hand but missed. i told him to stop right there and he did. i asked him what the hell the thought he was doing. He started whining about his arm and held it up. His arm was disfigured with a large bump and many broken blood vesels. i told him to shut up and punched him in the arm. He was crying and held up his arm now with the bone poking out of the skin a bit.
    "Look what you did." my dad said pointing at the guys arm.
    i told him,"i know, i'll do a lot worse and would have already if it weren't for you."
    We jarbled with the guy for a few seconds then he said,"i won't do it again just let me go you bastards."
    That was enough for me i kicked him where the break was as hard. i could hear his flesh tear and his bones grind. He screamed and i could see down his throat. Holding up his arm again i saw that the bone was completely apart now and his wrist was down at an agle. i could see his arteries and everything. My dad pushed me away from him and yelled at me a little. He told me that was enough and pointed to the house.
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