annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Into the future or maybe another dimension...

    A irraticlly behaving man was over exagerating his expresions as he spoke in front of me. He wsa telling me what had happen in the future and that i have to go by myself to change some things so that i would befall some horrible things. He was in a blue-green jump suit and when he finished his jarbled speed talking he pointed to the car and continued in a loud voice,"Be on your way!"
    The car was a grey Delorian. i had to wear these goggles and a suit to be safe. i hopped in the car and stared it. Right away i watched myself from a distance driving off a cliff in the car. My view was from one edge of the cliff and to the left the cliff curved to go away from me. That is where the car went off, with me in it. When my view moved over to the left to see the car land it had disapeared. There wasn't even a crash or explosion. Now my view was of a snow ridden land in the night. There was, far off, in the horizon a well lit area with a house in the middle. Around it were a few men with guns walking around as though they were guarding the building. A dirt trail which had been traveled on by some sort of truck or car snaked it's way from right in front of me to the house.
    All of the sudden a loud ripping sound, like air began and a grey Delorian came ripping into the scene and instantly the tear closed up. The Delorian sped past me to the left and almost into a tree. i had to cover it up, i hope no one heard or saw me. There was only one tree, an evergreen, and i could not gather enough branches to cover the vehicle. i had to go look for more trees. When it was covered i could get to my business, it was my only way back. i had to sneak over by some houses, and appartments which had no road between them but looked like the main street to a very small town. There were only a few light posts and only one was lit. It was nearest me. In the middle where the road should have been was a small play ground with a very wide slide that went straight down, some monkey bars that were very close to the ground and a pile of snow. i was hiding behind a telephone pole with no cover and i saw a child on the monkey bars hanging by his hands and knees as if he were crawling upside down. When i looked at him he paused and i paused. Both of us had felt like we were caught. He stayed still and i decided that he wouldn't give me any trouble, if he got caught outside right now he'd get in trouble. So i began to move again. But i caught myself three steps into my jog and stopped. There was a man with a gun under the light coming around the corner with a gun. He had a black ski mask on and looked like he would kill me if he saw me.
    i realized that this child wasn't afraid of me, he was afraid of the man with the gun. i was going to stay put here and wait for him to circle the building again. i looked around for an out, incase i needed it. To my left was a door that was open, the only place with lights on anywhere. Inside was an empty room with the light on. i began walking to it thinking that if the guard saw me walking to a building with the light on inside, and as long as i walked casualy he would not be alarmed. It worked. i walked into the building and closed the door right away.
    i heard the sound of a loud printer going and talking of a few people to my left. There was an opening where a door should be but no door. i walked inside and saw an Asian woman looking over a printer. There were about five boxes of paper in the corner behind her. She looked at me and looked alarmed but then ignored me. i made my way through the door and saw an Asian man sitting in front of a computer as if he were concentrating all of his attention on whatever he was doing. i asked him what they were doing. No one answered. i looked up and saw Rachel standing there with paper in her hand and a shocked scared look on her face. i asked what she was doing here and what was going on. She just looked at me. Then she went over to the Asian man and started concentrating on the screen as well. She pointed at things and said that he needed to change "this" and "oh that too". i asked again what was going on, Rachel just looked up at me and then looked back intently at the screen. i walked over to the printer to see what they were printing. They were full sheets of blue paper with a tan border. In the middle was a business card with two names on it. They were printed on there so that you had to read it sideways. It was a rectangle standing up on the shorter edge. i read the names and wondered why they were printing these. i looked back at Rachel and asked why she was doing this. She looked like she was trying to say something but couldn't put the words together right. i just walked out into the snow again to the Delorain. i uncovered it so that anyone who wanted could take it. Then i began walking into the snow ridden land in the general direction of the house, but with no destination.
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