annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

A tornado shook my blood...

    i walked out of the kitchen in my house into the living room to look out the large window into the sky. Some smokey looking clouds were hanging very low near the house. Slowly a funel started working it's way down to the earth. i had seen this before but never had i seen an actual tornado result from it. After a few moments of the funel decending it rapidly went to the ground right in my front yard. My blood was shaking. No one was home but i still started to yell,"Tornado, tornado, tornado. There's a tornado, everyone downstairs!!!"
    The tornado was only staying in my front yard coming closer to the house and moving away toward our driveway and then back to the window where i was. The glass hadn't been broken. It was as if the house was a shell around me, like rubber. i still knew that i would die if i stayed up there, the house was bending and shaking and souding like it was coming apart. i ran as fast as i could downstairs in the hallway so that i could keep an eye on this tornado and make sure it wasn't going to get in the house. i sat by the closet door ducked down like i was hiding from the tornado so that it couldn't get me. It came by the window in the room i was looking into, i couldn't see out the window but i knew it was there because the wind got even louder and i could see a shadow from the tornado in the room. i got so scared, my blood was shaking horribly it almost hurt. i slid open the closet door that leads under the stairs so hard that i broke it. i was in such terror that this tornado was going to get me. i flipped open my phone to see if i had any reception. i had to call Rachel so that she knew i was alright and so i could talk to her because i was so scared. She wouldn't answer so i kept trying and trying. i kept redialing and redialing untill i fell aslee.
    When i woke up it was light in the room, there was a window that had never been there before and my mom was in there with me. i asked what she was doing in the room and she told me that she had been in there all night. i didn't even know. i asked her when they put that window in and told her it was a bad idea because it made it less safe down there. My blood was still shaking badly. i woke up.
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