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So I had a dream that I had two really big dude enemies who were going to beat me up and before that could happen I lined up some guy friends to take care of them first...well, I lined up Jason and Tanner. And the two enemies started beating them up pretty bad and so I ran out of the room and as I turned the corner ran into my buddy Eldon who appeared from the dark and asked me what was wrong? I told him the situation and he told me not to worry about it and he would help me and take care of them. So him and Ryan went into the room and Eldon grabbed one of the guys by the throat and arm and held him up and started crushing his bones and told him not to ever bother me again or he would kill him cause he had no problem killing little pieces of shit like him. So the guys agreed to leave me alone and then ran off. Well, granted...I thought Eldon was a hero and started following him around everywhere like a puppy and laughing at all his stupid jokes (just like in real life, ha) and it felt wierd cause then we were kinda going out and all this time I knew I was going out with someone else but couldnt place who it was. Well, then Eldon, me and Hannah were sitting on a couch having a very meaningful conversation when Philip came busting into the room and starting speaking this "giggle off tooky shoe little puggy moe"...and we all stared at him in bewilderment and yelled at him to SHUT UP cause he was interrupting our very intelligent conversation. Well, then he started mopeing and pouting and decided it would be funny to get a fishing pole and pretend he was fishing in the livingroom and he would cast the line and yell out that he CAUGHT ANOTHER REALLY BIG ONE!! and was laughing pretty hard at himself. So we all turned our backs to him and I looked at Eldon and said "hit him". And he jumped on Philip and wrestled him to the ground, very playfully and told him to knock it off and Philip said "why cant you guys talk about stupid things for once? Just throw something stupid in there??" Then Hannah leaned over way too close to me and said "he always does this". And I pushed her back by her forehead and told her she was too close. Then Melody, Ryan, Tanner, Eldon and I were in a car pulling up to this house that we all lived in and so did Jason and some other guy and Philip and a couple other people I didnt know. And when we got into the garage Jason came busting out of the house in this really horrible blue and green checkered huge 80's sweater and purple zubaz and started galloping around like a horse and had a huge grin on his face and started moving around really crazily and Eldon looked at me and said "can I punch him?? I want to hit that kid!" and I told him not to cause he lived there and he was the house clown and just to laugh it off. And Jason looked really young like 13 or 14 years old and was gangly and nerdy. And as I was walking up the steps into the house I realized that I was going out with HIM and I couldnt believe it cause he was so young and so nerdy and it couldnt be true and I turned around to look at him and he yelled to all of us that he made us lemon custard. When we got into the kitchen there were pots full of lemon custard and he filled every dish we had with it and all the icetrays. We looked at eachother is amazement and then I woke up.
How's that for ya?
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