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The guy got fired and killed some people...

    ......Ryan & Mel came into the hotel room to meet up with Rachel and i. Ryan & Mel and Rachel & i were all staying at a hotel together. We all had one room and we were just leaving it. We were all kind of excited because we were all together on a vacation. We walked out into the hallway and took the elivator. We went up to this floor where there was hundreds of seats. It looked like a theater of some sort. This place was so packed that people were sitting on the floor behind the stage. Luckily there were four seats open in the front row. We rushed over to get them before anyone noticed them. As soon as we sat down everyone got silent and this guy came off the elevator and sat down in front of everyone on the stage. He didn't do anything at first, he just sat there looking at the floor with a blank look on his face. i asked if Ryan knew who the guy was. There was a piano on the stage when i looked back, i thought it had been a counter top the whole time next to him. The guy turned and started playing. Him and the piano were facing away from the croud. The view i had was right in front of him, i could see his face. Behind i could see Ryan & Mel and Rachel and i sitting together clapping for the guy. It seemed no one was expecting this, everyone was looking at eachother in awe. i looked at Rachel to see if she was enjoying it. She was clapping super hard and i thought i was cute. Then i looked back at the guy and he was sitting with a blank look on his face looking at the ground. The piano was still ringing out the last notes he had played and the guy was slouched over again. This guy had dark brown long greasy hair, pretty wavy. He was overweight a little and unshaven, overall a pretty gross looking guy. What i found odd was he was dressed nicely, with a tie and dress shirt and some nice slacks. He got up and sat down in a now open seat next to Ryan. Ryan complimented him on the music. i got up for a second to do something and time skipped to me walking back to sit next to Rachel. Someone had taken my spot but i knew that piano guy would be leaving for some reason so i walked up to him and right as i approached he looked at me. A loud voice erupted from the silence that now held in the room. "Pregnin Browglin please come forward." the voice said strongly.
    The piano guy still looked at me, now he looked a little worried. He was sweating. i knew that this was a court room now and he was here for a court case so i asked him,"That's you isn't it."
    "Yes." He told me.
    His voice sounded very welcoming and gentle. He seemed like a nice guy.
    i asked, what happen to him. i just knew something had happen to him recently. He told me he got fired. So i asked him right after with no real expression,"Did you kill someone?"
He started standing up and as he was, without looking at me he said,"Yeah."
    i knew he'd killed his receptionist, i saw everything that happen in my head. That's how i knew he had killed someone. He was at work all dirty like he was now, the same clothes even. He walked up to her behind her desk, she smiled at him and jarbled some friendly words to him. He spoke sort of distraughtly to her like nothing was going to happen but i could see him holding a knife in his right hand out of her view behind the desk. He lifted it and sliced her throat open. She immediatly grabbed her throat and started trying to scream but couldn't.
    Our whole conversation was very nonchalant. He walked away over to where the judge was and sat on the witness stand. He kept fixing his glasses and looking down at his shoes then up straight in front of him at the elevator like he wanted to run and get away through the elevator. A woman came out of the wall on a thing that looked like a diving board. She started speaking,"This is a disclaimer. Everyone here should know that by being here they are you will be taking part in the conviction of this man, you will choose weather he is inocense or guilty. Got that... fine!" and she shot back into the wall. i looked around and people had excited looks on their faces. i looked down at the person on the floor behind the witness stand and noticed a retarded girl. i noticed that a lot of people in the room were retarded. i thought,"Oh no, this case is going to be determined by a bunch of retards!?!?" i felt so bad for this guy because he was probably going to be found guilty no matter what. The guy was now crying as the judge asked him some questions. Everything started to get far away and zoom out like i was sinking into a portal that was my chair.
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