annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

Pickpocket Bludgeoning...

    i'm in Chicago alone, walking down the streets in crouds of people. The landscape is much like Seattle and this confuses me. Amongst the mass of people walking on the sidewalks and the odd amount of people crossing the streets through cars and bikes i notice on guy looking at me. He's walking the same direction as me and it seems to me like he has just began following me. i notice someone else going diagonal through the croud with us and figured it was a friend of his. Mostly i decided it was a partner in business.
    i look to my side to get a look out of my perepheral vision. He's directly behind me.. he is following me. i put my hand in my front left pocket and graze the edge of my back pocket to feel whether or not my wallet still rests inside. It does. i continue walking a little more comfortable yet still cautious. After taking a look to the side again i notice that the guy has veared off slightly to the right into the street. i graze the edge of my back pocket again as i put my hand in my front pocket. My wallet is gone!
    i don't want him to know that i've found out yet so i follow his path loosely. He's looking back now and then to see if i've noticed. He's moving faster and we've lost his friend in a big group of Asian Monks in grey robes who were praying as they walked. i make sure not to have eye contact when he looks back.
    He looks back less now and i decide to give him one more glance back before i go after him. He looks back for a moment and i start pushing my way through people. i catch up quite fast but he's still about ten feet in front of me. Through the endless mass of people you cannot see where the road is ahead or what is ahead. All you can see is the skyline. He's a bit slower then me because of his baggy clothes so he gets slowed down, i catch up and tell him to give me my wallet! "I don't have no wallet." he tells me. We're still walking through the croud but not as fast. The only reason i am able to get ahold of him is because we've come upon a railing that prevents people from falling into Lake Michigan. Since his hair is buzzed short i grab him by the head with both hands and push him into the railing. i grab his head firmly now and smash his head over and over into the railing. It seems to fit so well in the groove between the two bars that are waist height. i don't know if he's dead or alive but i search his pockets, get my wallet and continue on my way through the mass of people.
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