annonymous (flipjargendy) wrote in subconsciouslog,

MY water broke...

    We were walking, Rachel and i, with some fictional friends. i know i have a bit of a gut growing and i could feel it more then normal today. i was the last person in our small group of friends to walk into one of the clothing shops of Minneapolis. i felt a little strange down below and started to notice that there was some wetness! i yelled out to no one in particular,"Oh my..." i looked down and saw a big belly, assumed i am pregnant,"my water broke!!!" i knew i hadn't wet myself because i didn't feel like i had to go. i figured i hadn't known i was pregnant because i've heard that some woman don't even know until they go into labor.
  :  A few strangers looked at me a little paniced. They didn't seem puzzled, they seemed to genuinly care, but did not know what to do. They stood where they were holding the clothes they were thinking of buying.
    "Rachel! My water broke!" i yelled. She ran over and touched my stomach and looked a bit scared. She didn't beleive me at first and then she felt my stomach and saw that there was wetness all under me and on my clothing. She told everyone to get into the car FAST. i ran the best i could as a pregnant man. Then it his me, i'm a man. "How am i going to have a baby!? NO! It's going to hurt so much, isn't it? Yes, oh no, it's going to rip!!!" i said. And all i could see was my down below with a huge bubble in it, a baby, and then RIP!!!
    i was no longer having any of my questions answered, i was only yelled at to "be quiet" or "settle down" or "take it easy, honey". Then it hit me, i was so elated,"They can cut me open!" i said. i was so excited and happy. We were in the car now and almost to the hospital. Rachel was driving like a crazy woman.
    We pulled up to the spot where the ambulances pull up and drop off people with gun wounds and hemerages. i got out carefully with my hand holding my stomach and walked toward the door. Rachel yelled to one of our friends,"Just park the car, we'll be in the ER, okay." And her and i began walking into the hospital...
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