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Bucket Buddy [26 May 2007|12:41am]

    There was a cloudy, orangely hazed landscape, mostly filled with grass and some trees. Buckethead and i were on top of a hill. We were friends. He was wearing his yellow outfit. We were having fun but then things soon took a swing for the worse. i didn’t know what i said but Buckethead became angry and we began arguing. He doesn’t talk so it was pretty hard to do. i could sense that he had become more angry and decided to run. i had an overwhelming feeling he was going to lunge at me. He pulled his hand from behind his back to reveal a very large blade. He came swinging and chasing with a number of different blades. The whole time i was laughing. He doesn’t make sounds but i knew he was too.
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Mutiny Aboard The Spacecraft [15 Feb 2007|08:31am]

    For a short moment, i am in a space shuttle that is taking off. i have no idea how i got here. i don't remember anything before this, i must have regained conciousness while we were taking off. Everything is shaking but it's at the point where it's calming down. When the seats are no longer shaking we unbuckle and take off our suites.
    We all start doing flips and floating around in the weightlessness. It's marvelous! Everyone is enjoying themselves. We're bumping into eachother and no one minds, even when they're struck in the head. After taking up a good amount of time doing this we realize that we have important business we must attend to. We all stop and communicate what each of our jobs are so that we all know what's going on. i say that i will tend to the computer life supports systems and once everyone has said where they'll be i go to it.
    One of the other fellas goes into the same room as i do. It's an emtpy room all except the walls, which have little buttons and lights on panels flashing everywhere. i'm using one of those panels as i'm checking things off on a clipboard. i look behind me to see what the guy is doing. He's kneeling down and pressing buttons on the floor that i hadn't noticed. A small console comes up out of the floor like a cane stabbed into the ground. He hits a few of the buttons on it and the floor beside him opens up. It looks like a grave. The floor inside slowly rises and there is a body in it. After reached the top and there was no longer a hole in the floor, just a body lying there, the fella hit some more buttons. The body opened it's eyes and sat up effortlessly without using it's arms or legs. He walked over about five feet to the right and used another console to raise a woman's body from the floor. i asked what the two bodies were. He told me that they were robots that would assist us in our missions. i finished my work and left.
    i went to the kitchen for delicious space food. When i entered the kitchen i found my fellow astronauts already dining. i asked one of them who was already eating what he was having. "Nothing" he replied without looking up. He was reading something as he ate. i disregarded him and grabbed something out of the refrigerater. i thought it was strange that there was one in a spaceship but was happy to find it. i sat down to eat and before i got a bite was interupted by the guy activating the robots. He told me i had to repaire something. i followed him and he told me i had to repair the semi-conductor (semi-something that had to do with electricity) so i hit a bunch of buttons and he thanked me. We had to get some rest now. We all went to the sleeping quarters and strapped ourselves into the beds that were situated in no order. Some were standing on the wall, some on the ceiling and some were on the floor. i took one on the wall.
    i went to sleep quickly. i was also awakened quickly by a woman.. it was the robot. She was shaking and yelling at me. Once i was awake she put her finger to her mouth and nodded. i assumed she didn't want me to speak, so that i didn't wake anyone up. This made me a little uneasy, she was just yelling and now telling me not to talk. i knew something was wrong. i followed her into another room. She informed me that inaudible the male robot had a virus. This was a big danger while we were all in close contact in the shuttle. Everyone could get sick, and since we're in space we couldn't recover easily from illness, bacteria develops and reproduces at an alarming rate in micro gravity.
    It was on the robots finger. It was turning green. i told him to put some healing cream on and he'd be fine. It was too late. The next morning the woman robot had a mutated version and the male robot had worsened. She had locked him in a room where he could do no damage. She said "The virus had effected his brain and he's gone cenile. Now he is extremely violent and is plotting to kill us all!" i was terrified. This robot had indiscribable strength. A few of us who hadn't been effected by the virus saught refuge in the upper part of the shuttle. It was the gym and recreation room so we weren't bored. There were a few memebers of the crew who had been swayed by the male robot to join him in his scheming.
    Time went by where the male robot and his followers tried to get into our little area of refuge. Eventually the power was cut out. We realized that the male robot was killing us by shutting off all the systems. Eventually our air would be gone.
    After some time trying to figure out how to save ourselves i awoke alone in the darkness. i must have passed out. i called out for someone. No one answered. i kept calling incase they were all asleep too. There was just silence. Then the lights went on. i was not in the same room anymore. i looked around to find where the light switch was, hoping i'd find a person there. Laughing a little my brother looked at me and asked,"What's with you?" i had no idea where i was or how i got there. i threw the covers off. We were on earth... i think.
    After coming to my senses i realized that this was looked EXACTLY like the room my brother and i had on the cruise we went on. i had my clothes on from the shuttle. My brother asked me where i got them and i said that i just forgot to return them. My brother opened the door to leave the room into the hallway. i got up and followed him. "Where are you going?" i asked. "i'm meeting mom and dad on deck." he said.
    i went up top with him and my mom, dad and sister were there. i went along with whatever they did. Eventually i realized that all of this had happen before. This was the three day cruise we went on.
    We were on the last day. i kept asking them if they remembered doing this before. i didn't want to tell them that i had traveled time and i wanted to know if it had effected them too. They would think i was crazy.
    We were exiting the ship. To do so you could either go down the the lower floors and get off on the ground or follow a ramp from the middle floors and go onto a the roof of a building and walk down to the concrete docks. i got off onto the roof and it was full of moss. It was a very old wood building that was not being used anymore, except to disembark. i couldn't do it. i climbed to the peak for safety. That way i wouldn't slip. i layed down and yelled for help.
    This is when a man behind me began speaking to me. He said, That was the worst point in my life." i looked back to find him standing calmly. He was probably in his thirties, he was sharing something with me. He now looked sad. He continued,"i was up here before." (right then i knew he traveled time with me!) "i fell down there and caught on that rope." It was as if i could see it with my own eyes happening. i saw him walking and then he fell. Another voice began speaking, it was a clean, low pitched voice,"The images you are about to see are graphic." My mom then yelled,"I can't look tell me when it's over." i was still seeing this man walking. Then it went to a shot of exactly what i was looking at below me, except now there was a rope hanging from the building. A man's body fell and his head got caught on the rope. It was the man who was talking to me. He had a beard and looked like he was in his seventies now. He swung back and forth with a surprised look on his face. i couldn't tell if a body was attached. It didn't look like it. People below were trying to figure out a way to cut him down but it was too high up. i turned my head. i was now in my parents living room. My mom was covering her eyes.
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Pickpocket Bludgeoning... [12 Feb 2007|04:49pm]

    i'm in Chicago alone, walking down the streets in crouds of people. The landscape is much like Seattle and this confuses me. Amongst the mass of people walking on the sidewalks and the odd amount of people crossing the streets through cars and bikes i notice on guy looking at me. He's walking the same direction as me and it seems to me like he has just began following me. i notice someone else going diagonal through the croud with us and figured it was a friend of his. Mostly i decided it was a partner in business.
    i look to my side to get a look out of my perepheral vision. He's directly behind me.. he is following me. i put my hand in my front left pocket and graze the edge of my back pocket to feel whether or not my wallet still rests inside. It does. i continue walking a little more comfortable yet still cautious. After taking a look to the side again i notice that the guy has veared off slightly to the right into the street. i graze the edge of my back pocket again as i put my hand in my front pocket. My wallet is gone!
    i don't want him to know that i've found out yet so i follow his path loosely. He's looking back now and then to see if i've noticed. He's moving faster and we've lost his friend in a big group of Asian Monks in grey robes who were praying as they walked. i make sure not to have eye contact when he looks back.
    He looks back less now and i decide to give him one more glance back before i go after him. He looks back for a moment and i start pushing my way through people. i catch up quite fast but he's still about ten feet in front of me. Through the endless mass of people you cannot see where the road is ahead or what is ahead. All you can see is the skyline. He's a bit slower then me because of his baggy clothes so he gets slowed down, i catch up and tell him to give me my wallet! "I don't have no wallet." he tells me. We're still walking through the croud but not as fast. The only reason i am able to get ahold of him is because we've come upon a railing that prevents people from falling into Lake Michigan. Since his hair is buzzed short i grab him by the head with both hands and push him into the railing. i grab his head firmly now and smash his head over and over into the railing. It seems to fit so well in the groove between the two bars that are waist height. i don't know if he's dead or alive but i search his pockets, get my wallet and continue on my way through the mass of people.
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MY water broke... [09 Oct 2006|09:34pm]

    We were walking, Rachel and i, with some fictional friends. i know i have a bit of a gut growing and i could feel it more then normal today. i was the last person in our small group of friends to walk into one of the clothing shops of Minneapolis. i felt a little strange down below and started to notice that there was some wetness! i yelled out to no one in particular,"Oh my..." i looked down and saw a big belly, assumed i am pregnant,"my water broke!!!" i knew i hadn't wet myself because i didn't feel like i had to go. i figured i hadn't known i was pregnant because i've heard that some woman don't even know until they go into labor.
  :  A few strangers looked at me a little paniced. They didn't seem puzzled, they seemed to genuinly care, but did not know what to do. They stood where they were holding the clothes they were thinking of buying.
    "Rachel! My water broke!" i yelled. She ran over and touched my stomach and looked a bit scared. She didn't beleive me at first and then she felt my stomach and saw that there was wetness all under me and on my clothing. She told everyone to get into the car FAST. i ran the best i could as a pregnant man. Then it his me, i'm a man. "How am i going to have a baby!? NO! It's going to hurt so much, isn't it? Yes, oh no, it's going to rip!!!" i said. And all i could see was my down below with a huge bubble in it, a baby, and then RIP!!!
    i was no longer having any of my questions answered, i was only yelled at to "be quiet" or "settle down" or "take it easy, honey". Then it hit me, i was so elated,"They can cut me open!" i said. i was so excited and happy. We were in the car now and almost to the hospital. Rachel was driving like a crazy woman.
    We pulled up to the spot where the ambulances pull up and drop off people with gun wounds and hemerages. i got out carefully with my hand holding my stomach and walked toward the door. Rachel yelled to one of our friends,"Just park the car, we'll be in the ER, okay." And her and i began walking into the hospital...
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Bruised The Bird Head... [25 Aug 2006|05:36pm]

    Twenty-five people around me observing the rock gardens and all the different crossing paths within it. There are really no plants besides the trees that cover the view of the sky and some tall grass here and there in small groups. All of the groups of grass are about four feet in diameter and are surrounded by rocks, the way a fire pit is organized. There are some spots here and there where the tall grass must have died off. No, the gardner took out the grass. The gardner must be planning on planting another group of plants in all of the spots where only soil was left behind. Inside each of these spots there was at least one or two larger rocks about the size of my head. They were a grey color with a hint of brown to them and a rather strange bumpy texture to them, almost that of an aligator's but larger scales.
    My family and i wandered about taking in the view of this amazing place. The trails mostly lead paralel along with the river which was slightly down hill, not too steap. There were more hills up the trail. Not paying my path much attention i found myself about to step into one of the spots where grass had once been. It was a little starteling being the mud looked very loose as though there was once a pool of water in it. Fearing for my shoes and socks i regained my original path using the strange rock just barely peaking out of the mud. At the same moment i layed my foot on the rock there was a little squeak and a crunching sound all at once. i looked back and saw that i had cracked the rock. It wasn't a rock though. It was some sort of egg. Unsure if anyone had seen me i looked in my perepheral vision and noticed that no one was looking my way. i began walking again, a little faster now, and just then someone alerted her friends and others nearby them,"Oh my goodness, everyone look at the egg! It's hatching! This is a rare occasion."
    i turned around and shouted in excitement hoping they'd think i was surprised as well,"How exciting! i've always wanted to see this!" i called over Rachel who was nearby and whispered to her that we'd have to make a run for it. She didn't understand that i'd done something wrong. "Look honey, one of them are hatching!" she would say in reply to any of my please for help. She said it with an excited smile that she gets when she's excited like a little girl seeing something for the first time. i couldn't help but feel ashamed and sad that i'd ruined her day by what she'd soon be seeing.
    The woman who'd noticed the egg first and called over her rather large friends, noticed something was wrong,"Wait a second.. This isn't right. It's strugling way too much." she announced with an angry look. "Who did this?" she asked with a, now, furious face. i quickly realized this was not a rock garden but instead the nesting grounds of some large rare bird. What kind? i couldn't tell, the bird was not free yet.
    The egg began to rise from the soil and crack open along the cracks i'd left with my fot. The baby bird was gooey like the dying birds you see in oil-spill videos. It was also covered in blood.
    After the bird had struggled to free itself the best it probably would the woman, enraged, picked up the bird by the neck and held it over her head. Demanding, on the top of her lungs, that the "person who'd done it step forward and admit their wrong-doing." i was terrified. She'd now united everyone against whoever they could figure out had done the deed. i couldn't help but feel my face in a contorted expression of fear and sadness all at once. What would i do?
    As she held the bird over her head still i could see that it resembled a full grown chicken. It was! i figured they were probably a very expensive animal. Farmers would pay a lot of money for them. But they seemed to be an endangered species. Most likely the reason for the garden... or whatever we were in. "Please don't kill me" i thought,"please don't hurt my wife, she didn't do anything. Please don't let your giant friends hurt me. What am i going to do now?"
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The Hairy Spectre Servant and Invisible Swordsman [14 May 2006|06:49pm]

    At a dinner party in the 1800's or early 1900's at a small beach house on some ocean. The sand reaches the patio and the waves are huge, nearly coming to the window. The waves were going about fourty yards further then their regular breaking point. There are eight others and i'm served last by a short hairy spectre creature. After being served the the host of the party thanks him.
    i tell the host of the party that i am glad to have been able to make food for him and his guests and make my way back to the kitchen. As am half way down the hall, almost through the swinging door i see some person who's upper half is nearly invisible and covered in hair like the hair on my head. But the hair was on his entire body. All that is completely visible is about as tall as i am. He tells me to extend myself out the window and onto the sand near the patio window so that i can watch what is going on. After i extend part of my body out to the patio, enough to see through window he then tells me to connect torso to him so that he could walk out with me to the dinner table and go unnoticed.
    The spectre-like creature who was forcing me to do these things, attached to my lower half, now walked through the swinging door and served the desert. My boss the host thanked me, or the intruder and I. The intruder took a few steps back, having full control of my legs to listen and watch the conversation going on. Everything went as normal until one of the guests, Mr. Jarg, asked my boss the host what the snakelike trail was that led from me and down the hallway through the swinging door. The intruder was able to speak with my voice since he was connected to me. He told them that there something on the oven still, that he didn't want to leave unattended. My boss asked me, or us, to leave and then went back to conversing. The intruder did not leave so my boss asked again for me to leave and waited in silence for me to do so. After doing nothing, my boss asked again, angrily, for me to leave. The intruder drew a sword. He disconnected from me, became mostly visible and leaped over the dinner table, through the patio window glass.
    All of the guests were startled by this sudden uproar of shattering glass and sudden movement. i sat up from the table with the host of the party and looked at the small hairy spectre creature to be sure he was no longer a threat. After quickly deciding he wasn't the host and i went after the intruder armed with swords but were unable to catch him. He was so fast. When he was visible he glowed a blue green in the center, the source of the light being a gray color. We knew what he looked like so we would be able to hunt him, we went for weapons and people to help. The host and i must have been involved in some sort of organized crime group. We drove through a city which resembled San Fransisco and came to a skyscraper. We walked out of the building with two men carrying rocket launchers and large hand guns.
    After getting into a car the other men acknowledge us and went on foot to hunt this spectre. Eventually we found the creature running across the front yard of a small white house with two mature maple trees in front. As soon as he caught sight of us pursuing him he went completely invisible. All you could see of him was a floating sword moving around the yard very quickly as he reappeared now and then to lure us. i got out of the car and drew my sword to fight him. He moved around very quickly and very much in the yard. His robe like clothes were tied to him at the waist, wrists and ankles. He moved so fast they filled with air and tattered back and forth. He showed himself without the green blue light now and showed that all his skin was covered in gray paint, even his bald head. This man was David Cross.
    We went back and forth fighting for some time in the front yard of the white house before my eyes were consumed with a bright light white which made it impossible for me to see.
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No internet equals no written dreams... [06 May 2006|10:00pm]

    i've not been able to remember dreams long enough to write them when i have internet access. i'm going to start writing on paper or just do it on a word processor. Since it's been so long since i've writen a dream down here is a dream from a famous writer who i relate to the very much in this story. It was an amazing short story:

The Dream of a Rediculous Man

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Vacuuming With a Curse... [18 Feb 2006|10:58am]

    It's kind of hazy at the begining but i beleive i was working in an empty appartment. i was vacuuming in the living room at night alone, just me and my vacuum. Suddenly i had a weird feeling, i think i was confronted by someone or some sort of being and was threatening me. These appartments only have one or two rooms in them but when i tried to run the appartment was a labrynth of rooms and each of them looked the same.
    The being that approached me told me a curse had been put on me and it would be effecting me soon. i ran and ran through rooms with my vacuum cleaner still on, this power cord never ended. i finally got to the door i needed to get out. i opened it, finally releived, and found that it was not the end of the labrynth. i sensed there was someone in the next room somewhere though. Each room was a bare room with white walls and brown carpeting, they all looked the same, there were only three different shapes the rooms had. One of the rooms was in an 'L' shape another was just a large rectangle and the other was a hallway.
&nbps;   i walked in the room and my vacuum cleaner gave me the sense that something was wrong, my grandpa's spirit was in the vacuum. i took the power cord and swung it behind me and then swung the vacuum cleaner in the air behind me hitting a man who was sneaking up on me. i took him out. i vacuumed my way quickly to the next door in this 'L' shaped room. This room was different, it wasn't completely carpet. In the center of the bottom of the 'L' shape was a patch of lenolium about 5x5 feet. i stopped to rest because Rachel was here now. She petted my vacuum cleaner and asked how we were doing. i remembered that my grandpa's soul was inside the vacuum cleaner. After talking to Rachel she let me know that she knew the way out and could lead me out. i told her to go because i had to save myself from a curse. She hugged me and i told her i loved her and she ran off through a wall and disapeared.
    Now my vacuum cleaner, my grandpa, was going wild, reving up and moving back and forth and flashing his lights. i asked him if someone was coming and he flashed both headlights once and then the right headlight once alone. i asked what that meant, i told him to flash once for yes and two for no. He flashed twice very fast and i couldn't tell what he was telling me. i kept repeating myself trying to find out if someone was coming. i walked through the next room and started floating. The curse was starting to affect me. i knew i must be close to the being doing this to me. i entered the next room and was floating even more, i was upside down, i could still move though so i went back to the other room because i couldn't handle it. i had to run through the room to get to the person doing this to me. i ran and made it through the room. i entered a huge room with a bunch of storage lockers in it. It had a low ceiling and each little storage locker was about 4x4 feet and had about a foot and a half between them all. i had to fight with my vacuum now, there were a bunch of people coming at me. Some acted like they were not going to do anything to me but then when i turned around they would attack. Luckily my grandpa's spirit was in the vacuum and helped me... woke up.
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Jail Time Dancing... [05 Feb 2006|08:45pm]

    i'm doing time for something i remember breifly. i almost commited a crime but did not follow through with it, instead i left the group of fictional friends i was with and did my own thing.
    Right now i was in a locker room full of big guys in orange overalls. Everyone has a frown on their face and not many are talking to eachother. i open my locker and am in a surprisingly good mood for someone who's in jail for something he hasn't done but some bald black guy comes up from behind me and slams me into the lockers yelling,"Do you really want to get bulldoged?! Huh, HUH!?"
    After he backed off me i was able to turn around and then said to him,"i don't even know what that means. What's wrong with you?" with a very uneffected look on my face. He stormed off even more mad then before. i turn around and start looking through my locker, there's a mirror, some pink soap and some generic deoderant that says deoderant on it in black and white. i hear a familiar voice to my right, i'm at the complete left end of the line of lockers. The voice of someone i knew would help me out, Ray Schimick. He walked over to me accompanied by his black friend and said to my surprise,"Jason? What are you doing here? Do you want to get bulldoged? You better watch your back b!%@#!"
    i just looked at him puzzled and he turned around and walked away out of the locker room. One of the guards walked in, wearing the normal guard clothes and cap yelling for everyone to quiet down. After the noise faded to silence he spoke in a normal yet harsh voice,"The warden wants a volunteer for company." No one was volunteering themselves so i sat up and said i'd go for it.
    He waved me over and he told me to follow him. We went into a large room with wood floors and one large window behind the wardens chair, it was very much like i was entering the room to speak to a king. The chair the warden was on was elevated by two stairs which he was near the edge of. He thanked me for coming and asked if i'd like to hear some music. i was smiling and waiting in great inticipation to hear what he'd play and find out what i'd be doing with him. He talked some jarbled questions that i answered yes and no to accordingly and then put on the record which was in the corner of the enormous rectangular room. It was a Wizard of Oz song, how great! It wasn't the original version though, it was somewhat demented. It was great! i very much wanted to dance to it, i thought i should probably ask permision first though.
    "Would it be alright if i danced?" i asked hesitantly.
    "That would be grand." he replied and stood up to watch. i began dancing obnoxiously as i enjoy doing to such dance inspiring music and he smiled at me, he asked me, since he felt i was an artist doing my art,"May i join you?"
    i told him to feel free. He began dancing quite well, he must have taken balley. He was moving in large smooth circles spinning and flowing around, he danced quite well. He reached out and took my hand and shook it. We danced together like it was ballroom dancing, yet we never touched. It was more like ballroom dancing and balley perhaps. We danced forever, i was getting dizzier and dizzier and then everything faded into nothing and all i saw was black.
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Ten Year Old Girl Iraqi Warfare... [25 Jan 2006|11:25pm]

    i'm watching the news in my teadybear robe in our living room with the changer in my hand and my legs lazily spread out on the coutch. The newscaster announces the newest invormation about the Iraqi army, they've got new Fourwheelers for the army. But the odd thing is that they're not built for just anyone. They've been built a little smaller then usual... this is all what the newscaster has painted out for the viewers but in much less words. After he'd explained the fourwheeler it went to a clip of hundreds of ten year old Iraqi girls riding on these new fourwheelers out in the open desert. They were very odd things, It was almost a "suped" up version of the scooter thing GOB rides on. Instead, it was a fourwheeler, gas powered and seemed to have some sort of weapon on it. It pretty much just looked like a very small fourwheeler with extended handlebars.
    When the screen showed the newscaster once again he began talking about how the new army of ten year old girls with their new machinery was causing a lot of worry for president bush and the remaining troops still in the middle east.

    It must have been time to go to work at Target now, i was suddenly there and now i was walking to the backroom to start stocking. i had my L.R.T in hand and was ready to work. i started scanning things with it and placing them where they were supposed to go. i heard some noise in the CD section and made my way there. Upon arriving i found a black (negro-american) man standing there with his Redhead (crazy person) friend laughing. i knew they'd been up to no good so i acted like i was going back to the backroom again. Instead i hid behind an isle and followed them to catch them in the act of whatever trouble they were going to cause again.
    Finally i saw them checking around to see if anyone was watching as they vandalized a display leaving a mess everywhere. i jumped out from behind the isle i was in and said they better leave or i'll beat them to death. The black guy started getting really close to me and so the redhead did the same, i grabbed the black guy by the throat and threw him down. He looked up at me from the ground and took off running. i had expected more out of him. The redhead guy was still there so i messed up his hair because he was short. i thought it'd make him mad, it did and he threw a punch at me. My fist reached his face before his reached mine... (blured and ended)
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Jim's Truck Leads Me To Anarchy... [16 Jan 2006|11:43am]

    Rachel was saying goodbye to me, probably because i was going out on the lake ahead. Jim's red truck was out on it. The ice looked pretty thin, when i took steps i could here thumping as if it were hallow below me. i grabbed a metal rod out of the back of Jim's truck and began hitting the ice to check if it would hold the truck. i wasn't hitting it very hard but i knew it would hold the truck as long as i tapped the ice and the rod did not break through. i told Rachel that i was going to move her dad's truck off the lake so it doens't break through, she was suddenly there as i spoke and then disapeared when i finished speaking. i now looked and saw Elana's car on the lake too. i tried to decide whether or not i should move it. No one got in but it started driving away. Elana must have been inside it. i started checking the ice again and realized that i was on a peninsula of ice, there was open water all around me. i jumped in Jim's truck and drove off the lake into an alley.
    i called Jim to let him know what a hero i was, i dialed and said,"Hey Jim, it's Jason. i just drove your truck off the lake, it almost fell through! Do you want me to bring it up north for you?"
    "Thank you, Jason, umm... how bout this? I'll come down there and ride up with you, okay?" he told me and hung up.
    As soon as the call ended Jim opened the passanger side door and got in. He greeted me smiling and i started driving. We drove to Bemidji, which was a city like New York now and something was wrong. The city had broken out into anarchy. We met Charley and us three went with a large group of people to a safe building, a sky scraper that was still standing. Luckily there were isles of a grocery store fully stocked outside the building. i was surprised at how very clean and orderly everything was set on the shelves. i grabbed a basket that had been thrown on the ground as everyone else except for Charley went into the sky scraper. We were grabbing things liesurly untill we heard a lot of fighting inside, everyone was fighting over who would be leader, they were killing eachother in there. Jim came running out to Charley and i and told us, as he was gasping for breath, that we have to leave, it wasn't safe here. Acting quickly charley and i started to try and grab food we needed. i tried to get food we'd need but i couldn't stop grabbing spagheti sauce and garnishes. i looked to see what charley was grabing but all he had in his basket was a box of cookies.
    We ran to the car with our baskets, threw them into the back of the truck and took off as fast as we could.

Then i was awakened very nicely. Not by an alarm but my Beautiful wife!
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Andy Is Dead! [07 Dec 2005|07:44pm]

    i walked towards a wall with an electric box on it and stopped as if someone was late for a qeue. i stared at the wall for a few seconds before Rachel came into the room from the right very ergent like. She was out of breath and grasping for air as she told me,"Jason i just saw it on the news, Stacey was on and Andy was in a plastic. He was in a zip lock." She couldn't get the right words but i knew what she meant... he was killed. Stacey is a strong suspect. That's true in any case though, the spouse is always a suspect.
    We ran to the car and took off to Andy and Stacey's house. It was the house from when i saved the day care kids. There were even kids out in the concrete driveway playing together still. i ran past them up the driveway and into the house. Stacey had a sad look on her face while at the same time very worried. She greeted us desperatly as though she needed our help. She told us what had happen, that the crazy neighbors had done this. There was a white bag in the neighbors yard near the property line in Andy & Stacey's wooded back yard. The bag was near the tree line. The neighbors were out on their porch in the back looking, a few laughing. Their house was like the Burb's house and one of them looked like the quiet redhead kid. Redheads are crazy. i knew he had to have done it. He made eye contact with me slightly smiling now that he knew i was on to him.
    It was now later that night. We were all sitting in the portch which was now screened in and had nice white wood inside. The white bag was now beside me lying on the floor and the television was replaying the news i was now apart of. i looked over from the television and found that Andy was now sitting up on a wooden crate beside me. i was on the floor. This startled me due to the fact that Andy was dead. i started talking to him, more or less to myself, about the day and how i have to find out what happen. Rachel and Stacey had taken off for the night to get her into hidding. There would be crazy people after her. Friends and family would be coming to inquire about what had happen so she wanted to stay somewhere else. i thought it odd that the police had not taken Andy's body when they left the scene. i told Andy that i thought it odd. He handed me a popsicle stick that he had been done with and said,"Okay i'm done now. Where is everyone?"

That's all i can remember.
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Fishing... [02 Nov 2005|07:30am]

    It was summer but it was heading for fall. i biked down to Shawns house because i couldn't drive. We went for a walk and then went off onto a trial. We both stopped and he asked if i wanted to go fishing. i nodded and turned around as he did. We walked back to his house and got a picnic basket to hold the fish, a net, and one fishing pole. On the way to the stream we both knew about on that trail i suddenly had a fishing pole in my hand. Now we both had a fishing pole. i looked over to him and announced,"Hey, look what i found! A fishing pole!" assuming that i had found it.
    "Great now we don't have to share." he told me with a sound in his voice like he was excited that i had a fishing pole. But i knew it was fake excitement. He was just happy that he didn't have to share. He is was a selfish person.
    We arrived at the stream and found that my other old friend Jake was there. Jake was young, maybe four or five years younger then me. That would make him about seventeen. He was fishing too. He was using rope though because the stream was raging. This stream was no longer a stream, it had grown into a powerfull river. The grass around it was being washed away because it had risen so high. Jake had foolishly tied the rope around his waste and thrown the other end with the hook on it into the river. We yelled to him to get the rope out of the water but the river was so loud that he moved closer to the water to try and hear us. We yelled again and he moved closer to the water and held his hand up to his ear. We kept yelling get away from the water now. Instead he tried to hear us more by walking to the very edge of the river. He slipped on the wet grass and slid right into the river. Luckily the rope got caught on a dead tree. Shawn and i hurried down to where he was, i jumped accross the river assuming i'd fall in and try and help him swim back to the shore. i landed on the other side of the river though, it was an eight foot jump. i used my fishing pole to real him. For some reason i didn't use the rope...

all i remember.
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Groucho and me fighting hemen!!! STOW!!! [17 Oct 2005|11:41am]

    My room mate and i were walking to our appartment at night. After unlocking the door we walked in to find our appartment had been trashed by gangs. We were living in a pretty bad part of town. i saw some little mexican fella knocking over our television set, it was old but we were poor and couldn't afford to get another. That was the most disapointing part. We both looked at eachother as the little fella ran out the door beside us. There was no point in retaliating. i don't even know what we had done to deserve this, i figured Groucho had probably been involved in some bad bets maybe.
    Now i was with Groucho at an enormous house he wanted me to see with him. He was looking around for a house to purchase. We were going to be going separate ways i figured. He showed me the entryway. It looked like a living room. There was very nice dark wood trim everywhere. Carved wood! He showed me the living room. He told me,"it comes with the furniture and everything." Holding his cigar between his two fingers right next to his mouth he told me to follow him. We walked throught he kitchen and i was amazed at how nice it was. We walked through the dining room and i was absolutly blown away. Everything was very dark oak and all carved. We hadn't even walked through half of the house yet and there was a ton more to go. We haven't even set foot upstairs yet. After walking through the dining room we entered another extremely nice kitchen with silver everything and nice white counter tops. i stopped to admire it and he stopped with me taking the cigar out of his mouth. He smiled at me and said,"This is my new house, i bought it. What do you think?"
    i told him that i loved it, it was a great house as i looked at him with amazed eyes.
    He said,"No, what do you think?" as if he was asking if i'd like to move in with him.
    "You don't have to do that, i'm sure i'll find a place." i reasured him. He insisted though, and i let in quite easily. i told him i'd do it.
    Groucho and i were pretty good friends, we understood how eachothers thought processes quite well. We did a lot of things in the house without havning to question whether the other would like it. When we saw eachothers dealings in the house we were always approving. It was great, it was the best bachelor pad you could find. It was a mansion.
    One day when i woke up i heard Groucho outside yelling,"Oh now... oooohh. Oh my." i could just see him rolling his eyes as though it were nothing big. But it was something big because he only yells when something bad is going to happen. i ran outside out of the large oak doors in the front of the house. To the left i heard him and looked. There was a huge muscle man, a giant, walking over to Groucho. This couldn't be good, the bookies had caught up with him. But wait, there were tons of these giants walking toward us. They were all shirtless and pantless. All they were wearing was florecent tight underwear. That's one of the bigest reasons i didn't want these giants touching me. The house was in the middle of nowhere, no roads. Just rolling hills and some trees that formed small patches of woods. For miles you could see these giants coming. i ran inside and tried to get a knife but it wouldn't come out. Groucho ran into one of the living rooms and tried to get outside where the animals were normaly caged up. He thought he could hide back there because it wasn't accesible to from the outside... even though it was outside and an open part of the house. The only way you could reach is was going through the house. The cages consited of chicken wire and two by fours. It kept these giants out though.
    i crawled under the house to the cages and hudled down with him. We were safe until a giant got into the animals cages through the house. We ran to the chicken wire and broke it. Groucho got stuck in the wire and with cigar in mouth yelled for me to keep running. i ran and ran around the house and i was safe because i was running. The giants were stupid and they couldn't run either. As long as i was running i was safe.
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i thought i was an alien, i really am... [03 Sep 2005|03:14pm]

    This dream actually took place the night before, not last night.

    Rachel and i were at target or some store like it. There was an arcade game against a wall, i thought i'd go play it i started out flying a UFO in some city, it reminded me of Seattle but Seattle in fifteen or twenty years. Just a bit more technological. i crashed a couple of times and got the alien sick once. After i had the game figured out i began from the begining. i watched a little alien in a blue jump suit step into the tiny UFO. The alien was about five inches tall and the UFO was about two feet tall. i began using the joystick to fly the UFO around on the screen. After a few seconds i was the alien. i was watching the UFO fly around but i was inside it. i was an alien. When i got to a building that i found interesting i landed on the roof. i decided to look in the windows of the appartments inside. i took off again and floated down the wall outside the light brown brick building.
    i came to a window with someone looking at a computer screen. They were in what looked like a home office but they weren't working, at least it didn't look like it. i saw a pigeon on the sill of the window and it started to fly off when the air was being swished around by the UFO i was in. i followed it up to the roof. Someone was sitting up there now. It was Rachel. The pigeon landed right next to her. i wondered if by landing here and leaving the UFO here whether or not it would effect the pigeons growth. i wondered if it would make it big or not. i got out of the UFO and enlarged myself as i got out. i went over and hugged Rachel and when i turned around i noticed that the pigeon had grown and was now wearing a jean jacket. It looked sad. i asked what was wrong with it and it said in a whinney voice,"You turned me into a pigeon."
    i didn't really care that i had anymore. i knew who it was, i was happy actually because now i knew she wouldn't be able to hang around us, she'd have to fly off with the other pigeons now. (Since people who might read this could know who the person is, and that i dislike her so we'll call her Vosh here. i woulnd't want her to feel hurt.. i guess) Rachel and i were now sitting on the edge of the building. Vosh walked over with the sad look on it's face and sat down beside me. She asked,"What am i going to do? i look ugly now."
Trying my best to pretend that i cared and trying my best to pretend i didn't want her to shut up and leave with her pigeon friends i told her,"No you don't you still look alright." Not really wanting to touch her but still wanting to comfort her a bit to make shut her up and make her leave i patted her on the cheeks with both hands at once and said,"It'll be okay."
    She eventually stood up and began walking away on the roof with a backpack on now. i looked over at Rachel and petted her hair behind her ear and kissed her on the cheek.
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Protecting the children... [13 Jul 2005|03:33pm]

    .....when i came home and asked if Rachel was home yet, i was told she wasn't so i went on downstairs into my mom's part of the house we lived in. There was a restaurant in the back and people who came to the place to eat had to walk through my mom's living area. It wasn't weird in the dream though, no one thought twice about it. The restaurant was very nice. Everything was up to date techology wise and probably a little past up to date. That was because Leigh owned part of the house too.
    Anyway, i went downstairs and saw a guy i'd seen one time (in real life) outside by our driveway watching the daycare kids. i knew something was bad about it so i kept watching. He approached some of the kids and got close to them and chased them a little. It wasn't playful, though the children thought so. He was just seeing how close he could get to them. He started walking back to his car, i figured i'd go get the baseball bat incase he did anything bad. There was also a very large baseball that was heavy and very hard that i grabbed. There was also some rock there too. i set them on the bed and walked into the other room to see what the guy was doing now. He had just closed his car door and was walking back to the kids again. i walked into the other room and grabbed the bat and baseball.
    "Put the bat down, do you want to get a lawsuit on our hands?" my dad said from behind me. i told him that i wouldn't kill the guy i would just hurt him a lot.
    "No, just use the baseball and thing." he said.
    "Okay." i told him disapointedly.
    i grabbed the ball and rock and watched the guy to see what was going on out there. He was chasing the kids again. It looked like he was hunching over trying to hide something in his hands. i leaned over to get a better view out the window. He had some sort of black tank with a sprayer on it. He was spraying poison in the kids. All of the kids were running around in the driveway around a car while he chased them. He had no expresion on his face the whole time. i burst out the door with the baseball in my hand, it was like the size of a basketball.
    "Hey, what the f#*$ do you think you're doing?" i yelled with my eyes looking a thousand miles through his body.
    He jumped and looked at me and said started to say something but then took of running trying to catch me off guard. i through the enormous baseball at him, aiming for his head. It hit him low in his forarm with a loud cracking sound followed by a scream from him. He was running to the end of the driveway and my dad cut him off by running from the road towards him. This caused the guy to run towards me. Then i threw the other thing i had in my hand but missed. i told him to stop right there and he did. i asked him what the hell the thought he was doing. He started whining about his arm and held it up. His arm was disfigured with a large bump and many broken blood vesels. i told him to shut up and punched him in the arm. He was crying and held up his arm now with the bone poking out of the skin a bit.
    "Look what you did." my dad said pointing at the guys arm.
    i told him,"i know, i'll do a lot worse and would have already if it weren't for you."
    We jarbled with the guy for a few seconds then he said,"i won't do it again just let me go you bastards."
    That was enough for me i kicked him where the break was as hard. i could hear his flesh tear and his bones grind. He screamed and i could see down his throat. Holding up his arm again i saw that the bone was completely apart now and his wrist was down at an agle. i could see his arteries and everything. My dad pushed me away from him and yelled at me a little. He told me that was enough and pointed to the house.
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Into the future or maybe another dimension... [11 Jul 2005|07:34pm]

    A irraticlly behaving man was over exagerating his expresions as he spoke in front of me. He wsa telling me what had happen in the future and that i have to go by myself to change some things so that i would befall some horrible things. He was in a blue-green jump suit and when he finished his jarbled speed talking he pointed to the car and continued in a loud voice,"Be on your way!"
    The car was a grey Delorian. i had to wear these goggles and a suit to be safe. i hopped in the car and stared it. Right away i watched myself from a distance driving off a cliff in the car. My view was from one edge of the cliff and to the left the cliff curved to go away from me. That is where the car went off, with me in it. When my view moved over to the left to see the car land it had disapeared. There wasn't even a crash or explosion. Now my view was of a snow ridden land in the night. There was, far off, in the horizon a well lit area with a house in the middle. Around it were a few men with guns walking around as though they were guarding the building. A dirt trail which had been traveled on by some sort of truck or car snaked it's way from right in front of me to the house.
    All of the sudden a loud ripping sound, like air began and a grey Delorian came ripping into the scene and instantly the tear closed up. The Delorian sped past me to the left and almost into a tree. i had to cover it up, i hope no one heard or saw me. There was only one tree, an evergreen, and i could not gather enough branches to cover the vehicle. i had to go look for more trees. When it was covered i could get to my business, it was my only way back. i had to sneak over by some houses, and appartments which had no road between them but looked like the main street to a very small town. There were only a few light posts and only one was lit. It was nearest me. In the middle where the road should have been was a small play ground with a very wide slide that went straight down, some monkey bars that were very close to the ground and a pile of snow. i was hiding behind a telephone pole with no cover and i saw a child on the monkey bars hanging by his hands and knees as if he were crawling upside down. When i looked at him he paused and i paused. Both of us had felt like we were caught. He stayed still and i decided that he wouldn't give me any trouble, if he got caught outside right now he'd get in trouble. So i began to move again. But i caught myself three steps into my jog and stopped. There was a man with a gun under the light coming around the corner with a gun. He had a black ski mask on and looked like he would kill me if he saw me.
    i realized that this child wasn't afraid of me, he was afraid of the man with the gun. i was going to stay put here and wait for him to circle the building again. i looked around for an out, incase i needed it. To my left was a door that was open, the only place with lights on anywhere. Inside was an empty room with the light on. i began walking to it thinking that if the guard saw me walking to a building with the light on inside, and as long as i walked casualy he would not be alarmed. It worked. i walked into the building and closed the door right away.
    i heard the sound of a loud printer going and talking of a few people to my left. There was an opening where a door should be but no door. i walked inside and saw an Asian woman looking over a printer. There were about five boxes of paper in the corner behind her. She looked at me and looked alarmed but then ignored me. i made my way through the door and saw an Asian man sitting in front of a computer as if he were concentrating all of his attention on whatever he was doing. i asked him what they were doing. No one answered. i looked up and saw Rachel standing there with paper in her hand and a shocked scared look on her face. i asked what she was doing here and what was going on. She just looked at me. Then she went over to the Asian man and started concentrating on the screen as well. She pointed at things and said that he needed to change "this" and "oh that too". i asked again what was going on, Rachel just looked up at me and then looked back intently at the screen. i walked over to the printer to see what they were printing. They were full sheets of blue paper with a tan border. In the middle was a business card with two names on it. They were printed on there so that you had to read it sideways. It was a rectangle standing up on the shorter edge. i read the names and wondered why they were printing these. i looked back at Rachel and asked why she was doing this. She looked like she was trying to say something but couldn't put the words together right. i just walked out into the snow again to the Delorain. i uncovered it so that anyone who wanted could take it. Then i began walking into the snow ridden land in the general direction of the house, but with no destination.
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A tornado shook my blood... [10 Jul 2005|05:41pm]

    i walked out of the kitchen in my house into the living room to look out the large window into the sky. Some smokey looking clouds were hanging very low near the house. Slowly a funel started working it's way down to the earth. i had seen this before but never had i seen an actual tornado result from it. After a few moments of the funel decending it rapidly went to the ground right in my front yard. My blood was shaking. No one was home but i still started to yell,"Tornado, tornado, tornado. There's a tornado, everyone downstairs!!!"
    The tornado was only staying in my front yard coming closer to the house and moving away toward our driveway and then back to the window where i was. The glass hadn't been broken. It was as if the house was a shell around me, like rubber. i still knew that i would die if i stayed up there, the house was bending and shaking and souding like it was coming apart. i ran as fast as i could downstairs in the hallway so that i could keep an eye on this tornado and make sure it wasn't going to get in the house. i sat by the closet door ducked down like i was hiding from the tornado so that it couldn't get me. It came by the window in the room i was looking into, i couldn't see out the window but i knew it was there because the wind got even louder and i could see a shadow from the tornado in the room. i got so scared, my blood was shaking horribly it almost hurt. i slid open the closet door that leads under the stairs so hard that i broke it. i was in such terror that this tornado was going to get me. i flipped open my phone to see if i had any reception. i had to call Rachel so that she knew i was alright and so i could talk to her because i was so scared. She wouldn't answer so i kept trying and trying. i kept redialing and redialing untill i fell aslee.
    When i woke up it was light in the room, there was a window that had never been there before and my mom was in there with me. i asked what she was doing in the room and she told me that she had been in there all night. i didn't even know. i asked her when they put that window in and told her it was a bad idea because it made it less safe down there. My blood was still shaking badly. i woke up.
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Strongmen [31 May 2005|05:26am]

So I had a dream that I had two really big dude enemies who were going to beat me up and before that could happen I lined up some guy friends to take care of them first...well, I lined up Jason and Tanner. And the two enemies started beating them up pretty bad and so I ran out of the room and as I turned the corner ran into my buddy Eldon who appeared from the dark and asked me what was wrong? I told him the situation and he told me not to worry about it and he would help me and take care of them. So him and Ryan went into the room and Eldon grabbed one of the guys by the throat and arm and held him up and started crushing his bones and told him not to ever bother me again or he would kill him cause he had no problem killing little pieces of shit like him. So the guys agreed to leave me alone and then ran off. Well, granted...I thought Eldon was a hero and started following him around everywhere like a puppy and laughing at all his stupid jokes (just like in real life, ha) and it felt wierd cause then we were kinda going out and all this time I knew I was going out with someone else but couldnt place who it was. Well, then Eldon, me and Hannah were sitting on a couch having a very meaningful conversation when Philip came busting into the room and starting speaking jibberish..like this "giggle off tooky shoe little puggy moe"...and we all stared at him in bewilderment and yelled at him to SHUT UP cause he was interrupting our very intelligent conversation. Well, then he started mopeing and pouting and decided it would be funny to get a fishing pole and pretend he was fishing in the livingroom and he would cast the line and yell out that he CAUGHT ANOTHER REALLY BIG ONE!! and was laughing pretty hard at himself. So we all turned our backs to him and I looked at Eldon and said "hit him". And he jumped on Philip and wrestled him to the ground, very playfully and told him to knock it off and Philip said "why cant you guys talk about stupid things for once? Just throw something stupid in there??" Then Hannah leaned over way too close to me and said "he always does this". And I pushed her back by her forehead and told her she was too close. Then Melody, Ryan, Tanner, Eldon and I were in a car pulling up to this house that we all lived in and so did Jason and some other guy and Philip and a couple other people I didnt know. And when we got into the garage Jason came busting out of the house in this really horrible blue and green checkered huge 80's sweater and purple zubaz and started galloping around like a horse and had a huge grin on his face and started moving around really crazily and Eldon looked at me and said "can I punch him?? I want to hit that kid!" and I told him not to cause he lived there and he was the house clown and just to laugh it off. And Jason looked really young like 13 or 14 years old and was gangly and nerdy. And as I was walking up the steps into the house I realized that I was going out with HIM and I couldnt believe it cause he was so young and so nerdy and it couldnt be true and I turned around to look at him and he yelled to all of us that he made us lemon custard. When we got into the kitchen there were pots full of lemon custard and he filled every dish we had with it and all the icetrays. We looked at eachother is amazement and then I woke up.
How's that for ya?
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The guy got fired and killed some people... [29 May 2005|07:47am]

    ......Ryan & Mel came into the hotel room to meet up with Rachel and i. Ryan & Mel and Rachel & i were all staying at a hotel together. We all had one room and we were just leaving it. We were all kind of excited because we were all together on a vacation. We walked out into the hallway and took the elivator. We went up to this floor where there was hundreds of seats. It looked like a theater of some sort. This place was so packed that people were sitting on the floor behind the stage. Luckily there were four seats open in the front row. We rushed over to get them before anyone noticed them. As soon as we sat down everyone got silent and this guy came off the elevator and sat down in front of everyone on the stage. He didn't do anything at first, he just sat there looking at the floor with a blank look on his face. i asked if Ryan knew who the guy was. There was a piano on the stage when i looked back, i thought it had been a counter top the whole time next to him. The guy turned and started playing. Him and the piano were facing away from the croud. The view i had was right in front of him, i could see his face. Behind i could see Ryan & Mel and Rachel and i sitting together clapping for the guy. It seemed no one was expecting this, everyone was looking at eachother in awe. i looked at Rachel to see if she was enjoying it. She was clapping super hard and i thought i was cute. Then i looked back at the guy and he was sitting with a blank look on his face looking at the ground. The piano was still ringing out the last notes he had played and the guy was slouched over again. This guy had dark brown long greasy hair, pretty wavy. He was overweight a little and unshaven, overall a pretty gross looking guy. What i found odd was he was dressed nicely, with a tie and dress shirt and some nice slacks. He got up and sat down in a now open seat next to Ryan. Ryan complimented him on the music. i got up for a second to do something and time skipped to me walking back to sit next to Rachel. Someone had taken my spot but i knew that piano guy would be leaving for some reason so i walked up to him and right as i approached he looked at me. A loud voice erupted from the silence that now held in the room. "Pregnin Browglin please come forward." the voice said strongly.
    The piano guy still looked at me, now he looked a little worried. He was sweating. i knew that this was a court room now and he was here for a court case so i asked him,"That's you isn't it."
    "Yes." He told me.
    His voice sounded very welcoming and gentle. He seemed like a nice guy.
    i asked, what happen to him. i just knew something had happen to him recently. He told me he got fired. So i asked him right after with no real expression,"Did you kill someone?"
He started standing up and as he was, without looking at me he said,"Yeah."
    i knew he'd killed his receptionist, i saw everything that happen in my head. That's how i knew he had killed someone. He was at work all dirty like he was now, the same clothes even. He walked up to her behind her desk, she smiled at him and jarbled some friendly words to him. He spoke sort of distraughtly to her like nothing was going to happen but i could see him holding a knife in his right hand out of her view behind the desk. He lifted it and sliced her throat open. She immediatly grabbed her throat and started trying to scream but couldn't.
    Our whole conversation was very nonchalant. He walked away over to where the judge was and sat on the witness stand. He kept fixing his glasses and looking down at his shoes then up straight in front of him at the elevator like he wanted to run and get away through the elevator. A woman came out of the wall on a thing that looked like a diving board. She started speaking,"This is a disclaimer. Everyone here should know that by being here they are you will be taking part in the conviction of this man, you will choose weather he is inocense or guilty. Got that... fine!" and she shot back into the wall. i looked around and people had excited looks on their faces. i looked down at the person on the floor behind the witness stand and noticed a retarded girl. i noticed that a lot of people in the room were retarded. i thought,"Oh no, this case is going to be determined by a bunch of retards!?!?" i felt so bad for this guy because he was probably going to be found guilty no matter what. The guy was now crying as the judge asked him some questions. Everything started to get far away and zoom out like i was sinking into a portal that was my chair.
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